Gillette Stadium Selects Leading Crowdsourcing Platform to Enhance Safety and Security

Foxborough, MA – May 24, 2018 – Gillette Stadium, New England’s premier concert, entertainment and sports event venue, announced today that it has selected Vizsafe’s GeoawareTM Services Platform to enhance stadium safety and security. The stadium is home of the National Football League’s five-time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and Major League Soccer’s five-time Eastern Conference champion New England Revolution, as well as host to numerous international soccer matches and many of the world’s largest concert tours.

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“The Vizsafe platform provides our security, operations and facility management teams with real-time actionable intelligence so they can address safety or security risks quickly and efficiently,” said Mark Briggs, TeamOps COO and Gillette Stadium’s Head of Security. “With Vizsafe, we can map and share critical visual information with our partners in public safety and law enforcement to coordinate a response using the Vizsafe platform and the power of crowdsourcing. We have also added Vizsafe’s FansourceTM, so that our guests and visitors can instantly send us geolocated photo, video or text reports about any issue of concern to help us provide the best possible fan experience for everyone.”   

Vizsafe is the first company to recognize and enable the crowd to participate in safety and security using a simple and secure smartphone interface. With smartphone cameras in hand, the crowd itself is the most powerful sensor network available, which is why Vizsafe set its sights on how best to harness this resource for both venue and community safety. Using the blockchain, Vizsafe is now integrating a reward token into its platform to create a decentralized peer-to-peer ledger of crowdsourced safety reports worldwide. The SPOT token will be used to incentivize anyone to upload reports within a given municipality or facility, or concerning a particular issue. When a reported issue has been addressed, a member of the appropriate organization can flag it as ‘resolved’ using the same app. Once the report is authenticated, the person who uploaded it is automatically rewarded with SPOT tokens directly to their smartphone and ready for use. This encourages everyone to “be the change they want to see” in their communities.

About Vizsafe

Vizsafe is the first decentralized network that crowdsources safety through blockchain incentives, empowering every person on the planet to participate in the safety of the communities where they live, work, visit and play. Vizsafe has leveraged the Ethereum blockchain to enable everyone, everywhere to serve as a node on the GeoawareTM Safety Network and earn SPOT tokens in exchange for safety reports, providing the opportunity for doing well by doing goodTM. To find out more about the forthcoming blockchain-powered version of Vizsafe’s safety crowdsourcing platform, visit