GiftCardsToNaira: Trading Your Unwanted Gift Cards for Naira

Want to start using Naira but don’t know how? If you’ve got gift cards you don’t want, there may be an easy way.

Getting into Naira isn’t easy. For one thing, most of us don’t really understand what it is or how it works. For those of us that are not familiar, getting on the train can be difficult at best.

GiftCardsToNaira is an innovative gift cards trading company based in Nigeria. Since 2017, they have been devising ways in which their clients can use old gift cards and put them towards something they really wanted. For some of us, what we really want is to getting more Naira. 

In response to demand, this responsive company has listened to their clients and come up with something new. Now, you can trade in unwanted gift cards and receive Naira, Bitcoin, or Ethereum, in return. Using this out-of-the-box concept, they are slowly bringing the world of gift cards into 2021.

Gift Certificates Get an Overhaul

The days of paper gift vouchers are over. People don’t use them, they lose them, or they forget about them altogether. It is this practice that causes between $2 billion and $4 billion per year of paper gift cards to go unspent. Companies like Amazon and eBay, Apple, Google, and others, all make money off those unwanted gift cards.

Since your relative went to the trouble of buying them, you might even use it to shop in that store, regardless of whether or not you like their goods. This doesn’t benefit you or the person who gifted it to you, who wanted you to be happy. 

GiftCardsToNaira provides a safe online space for you to trade in those gift cards throughout Nigeria and Ghana. Their method of allowing you to enter the codes on the certificates onto their online platform, is yet another way in which they are giving the gift voucher world an overhaul. When combined with having the ability to trade those unwanted gift cards for Naira, the GiftCardsToNaira online platform becomes one of the best gift voucher trading schemes in Africa.

How to Trade in Gift Cards for Cash?

If you want to join in on the gift cards to cash revolution, then you can do so by visiting the GiftCardsToNaira website. 

The first step is to make an account with them and log in. They will ask you how you want to be paid your funds. These can be sent to you as Nigerian Naira, can be transferred into your Bitcoin wallet, or can be sent to your Ethereum wallet. Whichever method of payment suits you.

No matter which payment method you choose, you will next be asked to enter the details of any gift vouchers you want to trade. The server will give you an automatic quote when you enter the details, and this quote functions as an offer. You can choose to accept it and claim the cash, Ethereum or Bitcoin, or you can refuse the offer with no harm done. 

To make life easier for you, there are apps available on both the Apple and Google Play stores. You can even follow them on Instagram if you like motivational quotes.