Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Turns Its Attention to Cryptocurrency

European countries have shown a keen interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as of late. Gibraltar is keen to position itself as a forerunner in this regard, although it will not be easy to do so. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is trying to make a positive impact in this area.

Gibraltar has Bold Plans for Crypto and Blockchain

No one will deny that Europe is currently a hotbed for cryptocurrency and blockchain activity. Various countries are welcoming companies in these industries with open arms. Both Malta and Switzerland have made a lot of positive headlines in this regard. Binance recently set up shop in Malta, whereas Bitmain has embraced Switzerland as their new favorite European country.

Positive regulation will allow these industries to thrive in the months and years to come. It now seems Gibraltar is preparing to make another big impact in this regard. Although the country has been pretty open-minded toward cryptocurrencies for quite some time now, there is always room for improvement. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is just one example of how things can be improved in the future.

More specifically, this subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange wants to become the first regulated and licensed token sale platform and digital asset exchange operated by an EU-regulated stock exchange. This will bring a lot more legitimacy to the GBX itself, as well as bring positive attention to both cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the coming years.

What makes the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange so appealing is that it benefits from the small nation’s dynamic and coordinated regulatory framework. An official DLT Regulatory Framework went into effect in January of this year. Any firm in Gibraltar using this technology to store and transmit value is regulated in the country by default. This further cements Gibraltar’s role in the world of blockchain technology.

Now that the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange is also focusing its attention on cryptocurrency, interesting things are bound to happen. For now, the GBX will continue to work with industry experts, regulators, and significant stakeholders. With Gibraltar positioning itself as a positive trendsetter in this regard, other European countries will have to follow its lead.