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Get Rich From Crypto With These Top 4 Coins: KangaMoon, Solana, Ordi, and Ripple

The crypto market is always changing, with new crypto emerging all the time. Among the top crypto coins that can make you rich include Solana (SOL), Ordi (ORDI), Ripple (XRP), and KangaMoon (KANG). KangaMoon is one of the new cryptos that seems to be doing quite well within the crypto market offering its early investors a 400% ROI.

However, all of the mentioned cryptos are currently causing a buzz owing to their unique features and impressive market performance. This is why these four coins are considered the best crypto investments of 2024.

SEC Approval Rumors Boost Ethereum and Solana (SOL) Price Surge

The crypto market experienced an impressive surge due to rumors surrounding a potential approval of at least one of the Ethereum ETFs by the U.S. SEC. Amid this excitement, a recent comment by Matrixport co-founder Daniel Yan has sparked discussions regarding the potential impact on Solana price movements. Yan also fueled major speculation by suggesting that a Solana spot ETF might be introduced in the U.S.  

Moreover, Yan also highlighted the need for investors to consider buying Solana providing several reasons that support such a move. Yan’s sentiments come at a time when Bloomberg analysts seem to have increased their predictions for a spot Ethereum ETF approval to 75% from 25%, indicating strong regulatory progress amid the SEC’s push for issuers to update their 19b-4 applications.

Ordi (ORDI) Price Records Impressive Rally Amid Bitcoin’s Surge

Ordi has witnessed significant growth over the past year. Being one of the top crypto coins projected for a massive rally, Ordi is anticipated to break past its $50 resistance zone in the coming days. This is attributed to the coin’s affiliation with Bitcoin which is currently undergoing a surging momentum.

With its current price correction and an increase in market cap and trading volume, analysts foresee a coming rise for Ordi as its adoption continues to increase. Moreover, with the anticipation of a crypto bull run, crypto enthusiasts and traders seem to be trooping to the Ordi token network, making it a

top crypto to invest in.

Ripple (XRP) Faces A Significant Price Fluctuation

In recent months, Ripple has been facing a significant fluctuation in terms of price. Despite undergoing an 8% dip in the past three months, discussions surrounding the XRP token seem to be increasing and have reached the highest level since early April. This has led to many traders questioning whether the recent online discussions will impact

Ripple’s price which seems to be recovering quite well.

Moreover, despite Ripple’s price correction, its long-running legal tussle with the US SEC also saw another round of filings. The commission filed its response to Ripple’s motion to seal certain documents. According to analysts, the future of Ripple remains uncertain despite its uptrend. However, there is a positive expectation that could see Ripple’s price hit the $0.70 mark.

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KangaMoon (KANG): A Top Presale Gainer Within the Crypto Market

KangaMoon (KANG) is shining within the crypto market with its impressive trajectory. The KANG token has already raised over $6.9 million and is set to hit the $8 million mark by the end of May 2024. Additionally, KangaMoon boasts over 32,000 registered community members as its holders near 10,000 holders.

KangaMoon, which is set to launch its upcoming play-to-earn games, will reward its players with the KANG token after winning the contests. Unlike most of the hype-driven cryptos, KANG stands out as it holds actual utility. With the KANG token, users can purchase in-game items or even upgrade their characters.

It will also focus on its community through giving back. A good example is rewarding its most active community members with free KANG tokens even before its launch. Currently, KangaMoon is at its bonus stage where the token is going for just $0.025 which is an impressive 400% surge from its initial price. A further gain is also projected once this top crypto to buy is listed among the major exchange platforms.


In short Solana, Ordi, Ripple, and KangaMoon offer quite an outstanding feature topped with significant growth potential. Something that makes them must watch-cryptos. However, KangaMoon stands out due to its innovative combination of GameFi, SocialFi, and P2E features. Therefore, as the demand for the top crypto coins to invest in grows, KangaMoon is well-positioned to thrive while delivering impressive returns to its early investors

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