Genesis Mining Sponsors Mobile Bitcoin Game SaruTobi

Over the past few weeks, a lot of attention has been directed towards popular iOS application SaruTobi. While a new mobile game is nothing new under the sun these days, SaruTobi distinguishes itself by letting users earn Bitcoin in-game for playing well and improving their scores. Bitcoin cloud mining service provider Genesis Mining has taken a liking to this game as well, and the company is now officially sponsoring the SaruTobi application.

Despite being only six weeks old, the SaruTobi application has been downloaded and installed by more than 7,000 users so far. The application has been designed to spread awareness about Bitcoin, by letting players earn the digital currency in-game as they collect power-ups and Bitcoin tokens with the in-game character.

Many people have been wondering where SaruTobi’s revenue stream is coming from, considering they are literally “giving away money” to players. Although the task sounds a lot easier than it is, the game developers are not handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars to players on a monthly basis either. You will have to play quite a lot of hours in order to earn just one US dollar.

By allowing for in-store purchases, sponsors and donations, the SaruTobi game developers can afford to give away a portion of their profits to the people playing their game. As more and more people learn about the game itself, plus the fact that you can get a small chunk of a Bitcoin by actively playing, Bitcoin awareness could reach new heights.

Genesis Mining comes into the picture as they have become one of SaruTobi’s sponsors. As a result of this sponsorship, Genesis Mining has given 15,000 GH/s / 15TH/s) of Bitcoin cloud mining power to SaruTobi. All of the earnings from this hashpower will be put into a Bitcoin pot, from which the revenue is shared with the SaruTobi players.

Bitcoin awareness will greatly benefit from the fun, free and easy to understand initiatives, such as comic books and video games. After all, the younger generation has a far better chance of grasping the Bitcoin ideology and technology at their current age, compared to convincing members of two or more generations ago.

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