Frustrated Safemoon Investors Joining Bitgert For Its Speedy Delivery

Safemoon (SFM) has been on a downward trajectory in 2022. Even in the past 10 days of 2023, the coin was also doing badly. Even after the launch of the Safemoon V2, things did not change as expected, and the coin kept plummeting.

Though the inflation and the consistent hawkish Fed might have pushed the Safemoon value downward in 2022, the poor delivery of the Safemoon project also contributed to this decline. That’s why Safemoon was left far behind by Bitgert (BRISE), one of its toughest competitors.

The Bitgert coin has gained a lot of attention from crypto investors due to its speedy delivery, unlike Safemoon. Looking at the Bitgert roadmaps deliveries, this project has one of the fastest-growing crypto ecosystems in the market. 

Safemoon Has One Of The Lowest Deliveries 

Looking at the Safemoon project, the team is still struggling to deliver the products it promised in the roadmap V1. The Safemoon team is yet to deliver its ‘hardware cold wallet’ and the exchange. In fact, the last big delivery was the V2 protocol that launched in December 2021.

Though Safemoon announced the coming of the NFT marketplace, this is a development that most of its competitors have developed. In fact, Bitgert (BRISE) already has NFT marketplace projects in its ecosystem.

This slow delivery of the Safemoon roadmap has frustrated a lot of investors, who are now buying Bitgert (BRISE). This is because of the speedy delivery that the Brise project has posted despite being younger than Safemoon.

Bitgert Roadmap Delivery

Bitgert has one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the crypto industry. This is because of the huge number of products, projects, and partnerships that the team has delivered. While Safemoon is still struggling to deliver its roadmap V1, Bitgert has already delivered its roadmap V1 and is currently in the process of delivering roadmap V2.

Bitgert has built its own blockchain, something that Safemoon has not done. Bitgert has also delivered its wallet. As part of roadmap V2, the team has also built and launched its own exchange, a centralized exchange, which offers ‘zero trading fee’ to traders. The Bitgert exchange adoption has been massive.

Bitgert released its widely anticipated payment gateway, Paybrise. This is another key utility that will grow Bitgert adoption. The Brise team is also building the official Bitgert DEX, and the decentralized marketplace is in the last stages of development.

Bottom Line

Bitgert has delivered more than Safemoon despite being younger. Safemoon investors buying $BRISE are going to increase as more Brise roadmap V2 products are launched. Therefore, Bitgert might post the biggest community growth rate this year.

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