French National Assembly Hosts Blockchain Conference

The French National Assembly recently held a conference to examine the impacts of blockchain technology on the country’s economic and social systems. The conference, Blockchain: Disruption and Opportunities, was held on the 24th of March in Paris, and was attended by key French officials, fintech startups and academics.

According to an English translation the official schedule, the event was held to capture the attention of government officials and financial industry leaders about the rapid adoption of the technology powering the bitcoin digital currency:

“The aim of this conference is intended to raise awareness priority parliamentarians, senior officials, business leaders, opinion leaders and teachers Blockchain the technology, its uses and the digital transformation of the economy through this new technology.”

The conference was open to the general public and representatives from several blockchain startups were in attendance; Co-founder of Paris-based Paymium Gonzague Grandval; Co-founder of Stratumn Sébastien Couture, Co-founder and COO of Stephan Tual.

The conference was split in three sections; overview of the technology; use-cases and regulation; impact on the French economy.

Grandval, Couture and Tual gave presentations on the use-case and regulation part of the event.

Philippe Dewost, Deputy Director of Investments in the Digital Economy in France, gave a speech on the impact the technology will have on the France’s financial system. Former investment banker Emmanuel Macron – who now serves as French Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry – made concluding remarks at the symposium.


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