Freelancer Invoicing Service Bonsai Integrates Bitcoin Option

Various services around the world are looking at options to integrate either Bitcoin and the blockchain into their existing services. Freelancers and remote workers, who often need to create bills manually, stand to benefit a lot from getting paid with Bitcoin. Bonsai is an invoicing service that wants to tackle this issue head on, as they offer a variety of supported payment methods, including Bitcoin.

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Faster Payments With Bitcoin And Bonsai

TheMerkle_Bonsai Invoicing Bitcoin

Freelancers around the world often find themselves in an awkward position. Even though they may have generated and sent an invoice for their work well ahead of schedule, it remains up to their employer to pay them on time. This is not always possible, although the employer is hardly to blame for most delays.

Instead, those delays can be attributed to archaic payments methods running on the legacy system. While credit and debit card payments would technically allow for instant payments, it can take anywhere from a few days up to a full month before the recipient gets the funds. This is a horrible scenario for freelancers, as they also have bills that need to be paid. Waiting for money simply is not a viable option.

Bonsai is one of the many invoicing companies looking to address this issue. Based on their website claims, freelancers who use Bonsai get paid nearly two weeks faster compared to other services  Moreover, the number of late payments is less than one-third of most other alternatives. These are quite  impressive numbers in their own right, but the good news doesn’t end there.

By integrating Coinbase support into the Bonsai platform, freelancers from all over the world can now get paid in Bitcoin as well. This will allow freelancers to create invoices for employers all over the world, as Bitcoin is a global digital currency. Offerings such as Stripe and PayPal, on the other hand, are not available in some countries, and subject to much higher fees.

Don’t be mistaken in thinking Bonsai is a free service, though, as the company will charge US$1 per paid invoice plus transaction fees. This straightforward and clear price model makes it very attractive for freelancers to give this service a try in the future, as it becomes more necessary to properly document all of the generated and paid invoices.


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