Forget About Skynet the Real AI is Already Here

A lot of people these days say that we are on the brink of the AI discovery. Wait a minute? This can’t be true. Where are the nukes, the hunter robots and those human harvesting fields we saw in The Matrix Trilogy? Maybe it’s a bit extreme to expect something like that after all since, as immortal T.S. Eliot once wrote, the world won’t end with a bang but with a whimper. This is exactly what is going on with the AI. Well, if this is truly so then who are the culprits? We best ask Google for the answ… oh!

Internet Has a Brain Structure

Of course, we are just kidding, Google isn’t responsible for this, we all are. Few years back, scientists discovered that the internet has the actual structure of a human brain. When you think of it, this hardly comes as a surprise.

If people spend one tenth of all their time thinking about their potential romantic interest, who can be surprised to find out that 13 percent of all web searches are of the erotic nature? The same goes for other topics such as pets, home maintenance, real estate and sports.

In other words, the Google search box is the new confessional booth. The place where we ask our deepest secrets. We are basically telling Google how we think and allow it to figure out patterns of most secretive and complex human behavior. So, every person who has ever typed a question on a search engine can consider themselves partially responsible.


self learning

One of the greatest traits of human intelligence is that as a species we are self-thought. Sure, we observed things happening in the nature, but we drew our own conclusions about what, why and how it is happening. The greatest drawback of this theory is that it more or less excludes the ancient aliens from the equation, which you will admit is a serious problem. To get back on the topic, one of the latest ideas at Google, originating from renowned cognitive psychologist Geoffrey Hinton, will allow Google to draw its own conclusion from online occurrences.

Neural Net Layers

The basis on which this operates is quite simple. The first layer identifies features. The next one classifies them into types. The third one extracts metrics that it is about to use. After this, an algorithm is built and all that is left for this system to do is reevaluate itself and find ways to improve. What is important to notice here is that this represents the so called ‘unsupervised’ learning. The team that makes this program doesn’t do any inputs. In fact, they rely on the system to figure it all out on its own.

What about SEO

Well, if this is so, what will happen to the SEO industry? What if, even Google employees had no clue about how ranking algorithms worked? After all, the search engine experts from Green SEO Perth told us that the implementation of AI within google search is a game changer. That it is the biggest change since the Penguin/Panda updates. Still, would it pose a serious setback for SEO? Not as much as you would think.

Resorting to deep learning is like using a nuke in a civil war. Sure, you have scorched an enemy, but your army will get shattered as well. All SEO experts will have to do is get several hundred pages, show them to their own deep learning-powered digital tool and ask it to study the given material. Optimally, such software would be able to find patterns in Google’s behavior and inform you about where things stand. The results will be the same, but the path towards them will no longer rely so much on human intuition. Creepy isn’t it?

How Dangerous is This Really?

In truth, there is no real danger of The Terminator franchise hitting our streets anytime soon. Why? Well simply because social stigmata about the AI is that strong, that the most scientist working on this process always have one hand on the plug. Some might even argue that the most time they spend on this particular topic is spent coming up with potential solutions for this improbable scenario.


While search engines may become something close to the AI, it is still unclear whether it will ever breach this gap or will it forever remain a VI. As for any of the above listed conspiracy theories, statistics and doubts, you are free to google them and feed the beast a bit more. After all, even if the worst happens, Conan the Republican will be there to get us out of the tight spot.

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