Florio – The First Blockchain Health Platform Incentivising People to Live Healthy

Obesity has been, and continues to be one of the biggest health issues of our society, and the trend is only getting worse. According to a study made by Mc Kinsey, around half of the world’s population will be either overweight or obese by the year of 2030. It is also estimated that physical inactivity and obesity cause approximately 5.3 million deaths every year, worldwide.

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Reversing the trend whose impact is of $2 trillion annually is rather difficult, as there is no magic solution. Yet, the answer to solving this issue lies within ourselves, therefore Florio aims to make healthy living fun and incentivising to people throughout the world.

Research has often shown that competition is the main source of motivation when it comes down to getting exercise and having a healthier diet. Monetary incentives are bound to further increase motivation. With this in mind, Florio represents a health platform striving to motivate people to live healthier lives by having users challenge their friends. This way, a group of users is free to set a common goal, its duration alongside with how much money would be at stake.

During the duration of the health challenge, the app will provide users with health advice, sources of motivation and the ability to track fitness-related goals. At its end, the person who managed to achieve their objectives will win the sum of money put at stake.

Since Florio announced its presence on the market, it has managed to attract the interest of numerous athletes, including Garett McNamara who holds the world record for the largest wave surfed, Rachelle Chase, one of the world’s biggest fitness influencers, but also Olympic athletes, world champions and fitness gurus.

The Florio ecosystem is based on the Florio token (FLR), a digital currency that will serve as the challenge reward. Thanks to blockchain technology, the platform remains transparent for everyone, and keeps honesty at its core. The FLR tokens will be available for purchase during the token sale, yet once the preview app for iOS and Android is launched, 5 million FLR tokens will be given away for free. Out of the total number of tokens, 60% will be available during the sale, 12% will go to business development, 8% to the Florio ecosystem and 20% to investors, the founders and brand ambassadors.

To learn more about Florio and its potential to help over 3 billion people, feel free to read the whitepaper, and take a look at the website.