Five Ways To Spend Bitcoin

Digital currency enthusiasts are always looking for new places where they can spend Bitcoin in a convenient manner. In fact, there are more options to do so than most people would assume. HolyTransaction recently put together an impressive list, and here are five of our favorite choices to spend Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Is Far More Useful Than People Think

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Zynga is one of the leaders when it comes to mobile gaming these days, as their wide variety of games has attracted a lot of interest in recent years. Many people will recall the days during which they played Farmville on Facebook or any of those other time-consuming games. But very few people are aware Zynga accepts Bitcoin payments, and it is well worth checking out.

Pizza and Bitcoin seem to be a great mix, as most Bitcoiners like a slice of pizza now and then. PizzaForCoins is a website that lets users pay for their favorite food with Bitcoin, although they are certainly not the only ones to do so. is another great way to spend Bitcoin on food and drinks at your favorite location and have them deliver it to your doorstep as well.

For those Bitcoin users looking for something slightly more exciting, OKCupid is an online dating website dealing with Bitcoin payments. Life can be a bit lonely as a Bitcoin enthusiast, and you never know who you might meet online, Plus, if things turn out well, the Victoria’s Secret website might be handy for future dates since they accept Bitcoin too.

Whole Foods is a store most US, and some UK customers will know by now. However, up until recently, they were not accepting the digital currency as a form of payment. That has come to change, however, and it should be possible to spend Bitcoin in any of their locations around the world. Make sure to stop by the store in your neighborhood and ask them about Bitcoin!

Traveling around the world with Bitcoin has become significantly easy these days, as there are so many places where users can spend digital currency. BitcoinTravel will cover most of the people’s needs as this is a marketplace for accommodation and entertainment options. Well worth taking a look for those of us who are planning their next trip.

Source: HolyTransaction

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