First Episode of Captain Drakin’s Bitcoin Show Airs On August 16

Putting Bitcoin on the big screen is not an easy feat. Albeit there are plenty of Bitcoin documentaries in the world, they only seem to gain traction within the community itself. Bitfilm has created a new initiative, called Captain Drakin’s Bitcoin show. This animated series will inform people about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Captain Drakin Is Knowledgeable on Bitcoin

Looks can be deceiving, and one would not expect a dragon – who is also a pirate captain – to know much about Bitcoin. But never sell Captain Drakin short, as he has seen a thing or two in his landlubbing days. Sailing from port to pots, it is important to have a currency everyone can relate to, and Bitcoin fills that role perfectly. Captain Drakin also studied Austrian economics at the University of Madrid.

But Captain Drakin is not the only star of the show, as he is joined by Nick the Parrat. This sidekick has a trick or up two up his feathers when it comes to capitalism, that much is certain. Over the course of several episodes, the Captain and his sidekick will explain the basic concepts of Bitcoin and why this ecosystem matters.

Keeping the episode format short and accessible was the primary objective of creating Captain Drakin’s Bitcoin Show. Episodes run for nearly two minutes, and every episode will focus on one particular aspect. Exchanging Bitcoin for conventional money, or travelling with cryptocurrency are just two of the subjects touched upon.

The first episode of the show will be published on the Bitfilm website on August 16, 2016. Every month, a new episode will be added, to keep the content fresh. While the primary target audience is the younger generation, Captain Drakin’s Bitcoin Show is accessible to anyone in the world who wants to learn more about cryptocurrency.

The show is always welcoming new sponsors, and first four episodes of Captain Drakin’s Bitcoin Show are sponsored by Bitalo. The company has already mentioned they are willing to sponsor future episodes as well. Every sponsor will have their products or services highlighted in the episodes, without it being too obtrusive for the audience.

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