First Digital IRA: Cryptocurrency for Your Retirement

When most people think about digital currencies like Bitcoin, they think about how it is a wholly disruptive force in the traditional way that we think about finances. It transforms payments, security, data integrity, and so forth. What some people may not associate with digital currencies are their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Our sponsor First Digital IRA (FDIRA) has recently opened its doors to the public so that anyone can invest in digital currencies within their retirement plan.

Digital Assets are the Future, and Digital Assets can be Your Future

Traditional retirement options usually involve individuals setting a portion of their income to go directly into their accounts. Sometimes employers will be generous and provide a certain percentage match into that account as well. Then those funds are split up between traditional stocks and bonds. Stocks have great growth potential but also a fair amount of downsides, whereas bonds are very secure but do not provide much growth opportunity.

First Digital IRA sees an opportunity for cryptocurrencies here, since the company believes digital currencies can meet multiple retirement goals at the same time. One of the biggest benefits they see is protection from inflation. The very nature of many digital assets limits the amount of that asset forever – think Bitcoin’s 21 million coin hard cap – making them fairly resistant to inflation. Secondly, the company feels that digital assets have still not reached their full potential and that they are undervalued. Purchasing digital assets at today’s value could potentially result in a much greater payoff later, if and when these assets are worth their true value. Thirdly, these assets provide yet another layer of diversification to any portfolio, while – fourthly – remaining secure. The fifth and sixth aspects are the speed with which cryptocurrency transfers can be made along with freedom from banks and other third parties. Finally, the growth of an IRA can be tax-free until a distribution is made. Digital IRA holders can buy, sell, and trade digital assets tax-deferred until they begin taking out disbursements against their retirement accounts.

FDIRA’s Self Directed IRAs

How does all of this work? FDIRA helps individuals set up their own self-directed digital IRAs through a certified partner custodian. Once set up, individuals can begin funding their new Digital IRAs directly and/or by rolling over existing 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and TSPs. The company then helps the individual purchase digital assets via the Genesis trading platform, and helps secure those assets in a safe and certified wallet. After this first purchase, the account holder can start buying, selling, and trading digital assets at their discretion by contacting FDIRA.

While the appeal of this kind of self-directed digital IRA is the fact that digital assets may be incorporated into it, individuals can also purchase more traditional assets such as stocks and bonds to diversify their retirement portfolios in a way they are fully comfortable with.

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