FINPR Agency now provides crypto community management in Telegram and Discord

FINPR, a Dubai-based crypto PR firm, announces that it has now become a crypto community management agency. Aimed at assisting NFT, Web3, blockchain projects, fintech start-ups, and exchanges to grow their respective online communities, these services are customized to meet specific clients’ needs. FINPR will deliver unparalleled community management via moderation, well-tailored content, and frequent chats.

The role of a thriving community cannot be overemphasized—they are the foundation for growth. We were astonished to discover a dearth of crypto community management services. Hence our decision to launch and offer these services. We aim to provide start-ups this overlooked yet paramount feature at the highest level possible,” Kirill Bezverhi, CEO of FINPR, reveals.

FINPR’s community management services introduce a higher level of flexibility to the PR industry. CEOs and project founders can opt for a combined Discord and Telegram Moderation Plan or choose either. Additionally, they can also pick from the hourly plans—24 and 8 hours. 

FINPR Crypto Community Moderation Plans 

The Telegram Community Moderation Plan allows company CEOs and founders to choose either of the hourly plans. It offers advanced moderation features such as weekly FAQs, Telegram assistance for newbies, sheet updates, monthly community metrics, frequent community engagement, and constant chat conversations.

The Discord Community Moderation Plan, albeit similar to the Telegram Plan, includes the development and usage of custom bots for community moderation, synchronization announcements on Discord, weekly FAQs, tutorials, guides, and member-focused assistance.

FINPR, a blockchain PR agency, guarantees a fast response time, no longer than ten minutes. The Dubai-based PR agency also provides community growth advisory. And proposes tested-and-proven marketing campaigns and strategies that will drive community growth on an unprecedented level. FINPR will leverage social media for heightened brand adoption and excitement among community members. Setting the pace for the project or start-up’s growth. 

About FINPR 

FINPR is a leading global crypto marketing agency with a focus on blockchain, Web3, and fintech startups. The company ranked as one of the top crypto press release distribution services providers.

The agency offers a range of marketing services such as PR, influencer marketing, paid traffic, SEO, community management, content creation, etc. Since 2017, the agency has helped with marketing and PR for 300+ startups from Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.