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Now that Valorant has been out for quite some time, the players that are looking to take the game seriously and start competing on a professional levels have to find a clan / team to play with. Not only is Valorant a heavily team based game, but joining a professional or amateur Valorant clan is sure to help you improve at the game and ultimately win more.

The problem is, where do players go to find Valorant teams to join? Sure there are gaming clan listing platforms out there, but they don’t focus on Valorant and the majority of the clans have very few serious Valorant players.

This is why Valorant Directory came to life – A Valorant specific clan directory platform.

If you have been searching for your 5-stack to dominate competitive, practice pro strats, and build team synergy, then make sure to check out our listings of various Valorant teams.

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Moreover, if you are looking to start a Valorant clan / team and are looking to recruit more players, sign up and create your listing 100% free of charge.

Each clan listed on our platform is thoroughly reviewed by our staff to make sure it’s up to our standards, so you can be sure any clan listed is a legitimate team.

So what are you waiting for? Your 5-stack is just around the corner, all you have to do is visit Valorant Directory and find your team.


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