Expanse – Community Driven Smart Contracts Platform and Cryptocurrency

Expanse is a community driven cryptocurency and a smart contracts platform much like Ethereum and Lisk. It was first announced in September of 2015 and differs from its competitors by utilizing a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in order to make decisions to the design, operation, development path, and investment strategy of the project.

Unlike Ethereum and Lisk, Expanse did not have an ICO phase and the team’s main focus was on fair coin distribution upon launch.

Expanse has no ICO or Crowdsale, only a small reserve which is managed by the community through a decentralized organization controlled through smart contracts. Unlike other projects the future of Expanse is chosen by contributors, miners, traders, and those that just want to be a part of and shape the future in a fair and decentralized manner.

Another interesting fact about Expanse is that even though the development team has a reserve of EXP those coins cannot be dumped on the market in an exit scam because the funds are made available slowly over time. The funds are locked in a smart contract which releases only 10% of the coins at a time over a long period. This provides an incentive for the development team to keep working on the project and keep Expanse’s price as high as possible because it directly affects their funding amount.

Expanse has seen recognition from Microsoft as it has been added to their Azure Blockchain as a Service platform. What this means is that developers can use the Azure portal to easily deploy single click cloud based blockchain environments and start creating your decentralized apps in minutes.

The template will automatically setup your lab with the most popular lab settings and include the library of existing Blockchain as a Service partner offerings. The library of blockchain artifacts is kept up to date, so you will know when new distributed ledger platforms, tools and services become available.

Expanse is available to buy on poloniex and bittrex, two of the most popular Altcoin exchanges. If you like to get involved with Expanse regardless if you are a developer or not visit the official Expanse bitcointalk thread.

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