European Exchange BTCDirect Adds Ethereum Trading

The number of Bitcoin exchanges also offering an Ethereum buying and selling options keeps on growing, and one of the latest platforms to do so is BTCDirect in the Netherlands. As of today, this European exchange offers Ether trading, which is a direct consequence of growing customer demand.

BTCDirect Enables Ethereum Trading

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Similar to most other European and international Bitcoin exchanges, BTCDirect has seen a lot of requests from users to add the Ethereum trading option. There is no particular reason for any exchange not to do so, as they will only gain new customers from diversifying their cryptocurrency exchange portfolio.

Whether or not this will have a positive effect on the Ethereum price, remains to be seen. Then again, considering there seems to be a lot of customer demand, there are more than a few willing people to part with their Euros and Bitcoin for Ether. Either way, BTCDirect felt the time was right to add this new option to their platform.

However, the exchange also warns its customers about how Ethereum poses the same risks as investing in Bitcoin. For those consumers who feel Bitcoin is already on the verge of a risky investment, Ethereum is taking things one step further. But on the other hand, both currencies can be converted back to EUR through the platform, so the risk is virtually the same.

Moreover, it is also important to note BTCDirect is also avidly pushing users to store their Ether in a secure wallet. Everyone in the world who deals with cryptocurrency should know it is not advised to store funds on an exchange, which is why the BTCDirect team suggests users move funds to the newly developed Etherli wallet.

All in all, it is positive to see another Bitcoin exchange venture into the world of Ethereum. If there is enough customer demand, the company should take it to heart and give their users what they are looking for. Right now, that demand seems to focus on Ether trading all over the world.

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