Etherpunk – Literary DAO Merging Cyberpunk With Ethereum

Now that the concept of decentralized autonomous organizations – or DAOs – has taken root, several new ideas are being proposed on a regular basis. One idea worth exploring is creating Etherpunk, which could lead to a literary DAO in the future.

Etherpunk As A Concept

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The number of applications for the DAO concept is pretty much limitless, as there is a lot of room left to explore in the coming years. Some Reddit users are proposing their concepts, although they are mostly still in the early stages. Etherpunk is one of those ideas, which – as the name suggests – looks to merge Ethereum technology with the cyberpunk concept.

Combining new technologies with sci-fi elements seems to be just a matter of time, as there are obvious correlations between both industries. Not too long ago, no one ever expected the world to be using portable phones which have Internet access and let people contact anyone in the world at any given time. Times certainly have changed ever since.

Etherpunk is an intriguing concept, as the Reddit user proposes to create a literary DAO where [aspiring] writers can submit their content and exchange ideas with others. The primary objective would be to use this DAO for exploring personal, social, economic, and technological impacts of Ethereum and its underpinning technology.

There are plenty of people in the world who would like nothing more than merging blockchain technology with a cyberpunk-esque DAO in the future. However, there is a lot of legwork to be done regarding planning, creating a proof of concept, and finding interested parties who would be willing to participate.

Whether or not Etherpunk can become a whole new genre of sci-fi tales, remains to be seen. However, the term itself lends itself towards all kinds of options in the future, of which a DAO may only be one of the candidates. It is positive to see Ethereum community members come up with some new ideas to explain this technology to consumers, as well as approach the business side of things at the same time.

Source: Reddit

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