Ethereum Devcon 2 To Kick Off Week of Exciting Conferences

Last year, I was among the lucky ones to attend the Ethereum Devcon One conference in London. This year, the latest iteration of this event will be called Devcon 2. The event itself will take place in Asia, and run from September 19-21. As the name suggests, anyone who is not a developer may be overwhelmed by the presentations on tap.

Ethereum Devcon 2 Event Is Shaping Up Nicely

Bring the Devcon 2 conference to Shanghai is a significant milestone for the event organizers. It will also be the first Ethereum-themed event on such a large scale to be held in Asia. Albeit the conference is still a few months away, the website has gone live and features the first speakers and topics.

Hardly anyone will be surprised to find out the majority of focus is on the development of the Ethereum ecosystem. Similar to its predecessor, Devon Two will focus on developers in general, although the event is open to anyone who wants to attend. Be prepared for an onslaught of coding topics and developer jargon, though.

Tickets for this event are not cheap by any means, though. Then again, this is a three-day jam-packed developer conference. Discounted tickets are available until July 31, for the price of US$900. Developers and students can apply for specific passes and lower rates, but they will need to fill in a detailed application.

Traveling to Shanghai for just a three-day conference would be an expensive trip. Luckily, there is a Wanxian Blockchain Labs demo day on September 22. This particular event focuses on entrepreneurs and founders to pitch companies. Well worth attending for people who plan to stick around in Shanghai a bit longer.

But there is more, as the Global Blockchain Summit is held on September 23 and 24. For those who want to gain more knowledge on Bitcoin and Ethereum technology, this event is worth checking out as well. It is the second-annual conference of this kind, and a lot of prominent people from all industries are expected to attend.

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