Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Prediction; Experts Are Buying Bitcoin Cash (BCH) And Tradecurve (TCRV)

The crypto market has witnessed a considerable shift in investors’ approach. Now, they are favoring young projects, which are in the presale stage, for making investments. One new project that has been sweeping the entire crypto world with its presale rise is Tradecurve. 

Projects like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum Classic (ETH) have also tried to rise. However, Tradecurve has surpassed Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum Classic (ETH) with a big margin, as it is projected to give 100x profit this year.

Ethereum Classic’s (ETC) Total Value Locked Slumps

The launch of Shanghai Upgrade, and the rise of Ethereum (ETH) has made Ethereum Classic (ETC) less attractive among users and investors. Ethereum Classic (ETC) has witnessed a fall in its total value locked (TVL) in the past few weeks. As per the latest data from DeFiLlama, the TVL of Ethereum Classic (ETC) has come down to $240k on May 14, while it was above 306k on April 14. According to experts, all DeFi projects on the Ethereum Classic (ETC), except HebeSwap, have remained dormant, and have not tried to increase their ecosystem. Subsequently, the price of Ethereum Classic (ETC) has also plummeted by 11% in the last 30 days. Currently, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is changing hands at $18.25.

Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) DeFi App Fails To Make Any Big Impact

Aligning with the broader market trend, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has launched a platform to tap the growth potential available in the DeFi sector. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has launched  BCH Bull. It is a DeFi application that will allow Bitcoin Cash users to long or hedge their BCH tokens against several tradable assets. Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) DeFi application has been in the beta stage since October 2022. However, BCH Bull has not been able to provide any significant push to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on the price chart. The price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has plummeted by 8% in the past month. Consequently, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently available to trade at $115.01.

Tradecurve Attracts Whales With Explosive Presale

Disenchanted with the opaqueness, high transaction fees, less profitability, and several allegedly dubious activities of existing exchanges like OKB, Robin Hood App, and Huobi, investors are turning toward Tradecurve.

Tradecurve is an all-embracing Web3 trading platform that has combined the qualities of centralized and decentralized exchanges. It allows people to trade cryptocurrencies and traditional derivatives, which include indices, ETFs, equities, forex, commodities, and bonds, on the same platform.

According to a report, the number of people holding at least one cryptocurrency in a blockchain wallet is around 84 million, nearly double the figure in 2020. These numbers indicate that comprehensive crypto exchanges like Tradecurve will surge in the coming years.

TCRV will be the native token of the platform. The token holders will get discounts and staking rewards. Additionally, profitable traders can yield passive income by allowing other investors to copy their strategy, and charge a subscription fee.

The first stage of presale was sold out before the last date, and the tokens are getting locked faster during stage 2. At present, a TCRV token can be purchased at $0.012, which was just $0.01 at the start of the presale.

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