Ethereum Celebrates First Birthday Since Mining Genesis Block

Among everything that is going on in the Ethereum ecosystem right now, one would almost forget today marks the one-year anniversary of Ethereum. On July 20, 2015, the Ethereum Genesis block was generated. Over the course of the past year, many things have happened, both exciting and rather worrisome. But in the end, Ethereum has not gone under, as some people expected.

Celebrating One Year of The Ethereum Ecosystem

When saying Ethereum has been around for one year, that means 365 days since the Genesis block has been mined. Overall, Ethereum has been around for a lot longer, as a lot of preparation has gone into this project. Moreover, there was also the ICO/crowdfunding sale, which helped fund the project.

Many people know the Ethereum ecosystem for its smart contracts and its decentralized applications. Both of these aspects hold a significant appeal, albeit the underlying technology will need to be researched and refined further. As is the case with any innovative technology, deploying it in the mainstream too soon is never a good idea.

Ever since the Ethereum Genesis block has been mined, the value of each token has seen a healthy price increase as well. Those who supported the initial project funding have seen spectacular returns on their investment. It is not unlikely some of those investors are still holding on to large portions of their initial ETH supply right now.

It has to be said, however, the year has not been all rosy for Ethereum either. The issues surrounding the DAO project, the recent hard fork, and the Ethereum Classic outcome were not what most supporters had anticipated. Then again, every project must go through stages of diversity.

It will largely depend on how the community handles these issues moving forward. The overall response seems positive despite these potential roadblocks. The next 365 days will help define how the Ethereum ecosystem will move forward, and what potential investors can expect to see.

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