EternityWall Records Messages On The Blockchain Forever

Many people see blockchain technology as a very powerful tool to disrupt the financial sector, and they are right in thinking so. At the same time, the blockchain is capable of doing so much more outside of the financial sector, such as creating tamper-proof records of important events in history. Even people looking to declare their love for each other can benefit from blockchain technology, as inscribing a message through EternityWall will be eternal and uncensorable.

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Blockchain Versatility Is Vastly Underestimated

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Not every discussion regarding the blockchain has to be about Bitcoin or finance in general. Technology can be adapted to suit pretty much any need people can imagine, and “carving” messages into an impermeable ledger is just one of the many things blockchain technology can be used for.

While it may not sound that romantic to put a message of love on the Bitcoin blockchain, there are quite a few benefits of doing so. First of all, these recorded messages are protected against tampering, as well as timestamped. For couples who value renewing vows on a special date, having a permanent record of when they declared their love to each other for the first time can be quite handy.

In fact, the message recorded on the blockchain would not only be visible to the people who inscribed it, but to the entire world. If that is not a sign of your commitment to loving each other for eternity, what is? Plus, there is a very convenient service that lets you take care of this process with very little effort.

EternityWall is a new startup with a very simple business plan: let anyone in the world engrave a message on the Bitcoin blockchain and visualize it in a digital format. What makes this service even more approachable is how customers don’t even need to own a Bitcoin wallet to use EternityWall.

However, there are some other restrictions to using the service provided by EternityWall. First of all, messages can be no longer than 72 characters, and every message requires a Bitcoin transaction to be made. However, customers can engrave one message for free every hour, or pay 0.00015 Bitcoin to bypass that restriction.

Bypassing Censorship With EternityWall


It goes without saying EternityWall provides a perfect example of how blockchain technology can be used to bypass censorship. Even though the messages are limited in length, a lot can be said in 72 characters or less. Plus, since the blockchain is not regulated by any government in the world, there is no way to reverse the record once it has been published on the blockchain.

This is what makes this technology so valuable to people all over the world, as the blockchain records can not be altered once they are created. The entire history of the Bitcoin ecosystem is recorded on this public ledger, and there is no opportunity for anyone in the world to modify those logs.

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