EmerCoin ‘Pioneers of Blockchain Technology’

EmerCoin (EMC) is a strong innovator of Blockchain Technology; creating a variety of ways to utilize the blockchain for many decentralized applications. Launched in late 2013 EMC has moved forward at an amazing rate marking one milestone after the other completed. They have managed to reinvent a clone of Peercoin spliced with Namecoin and produced one of the most comprehensive uses of Blockchain Technology in Cryptocurrencies to date, as the EmerCoin Community and Core Development Team continues to expand.

EmerCoin is led by an International Team of Engineers and Crypto Specialists, along with a giant and extremely loyal EmerCoin Community. Together they continue to bring new features to the many utilizations of the EMC Blockchain. This article will cover those features in great detail complete with links to the pages on The Official EmerCoin Website  for even further research or utilization of these advanced uses of Blockchain Technology.

There is an emcLNX Promotional Campaign going on which provides a way for anyone with a website to earn free EmerCoin plus experience the most current implementation of Blockchain Technology services for current use by placing a button link on your website which will start giving anyone a bit of extra income by sending people that click the button link to the growing EMC Network, also you can direct traffic to or from your website as EMC is currently trading at around 0.00011361 BTC.

The EmerCoin emcLNX is an Advertising Link Exchanger on the EmerCoin Network Blockchain. It is a peer to peer text advertisement network that is based on the Pay-Per Click Model that covers 3 different areas of use and is open for anyone to participate. This will be a great way for web-masters to add another stream of revenue to their website – crypto related or not.

The emcLNX Promotional Campaign will be primarily Twitter Based and will involve the newly created EmerCoinRTs Twitter account. We encourage everyone to come and participate in this working model of Blockchain Technology in its most advanced forms currently, and experience a glimpse into the future of tomorrow today. While you’re at it you can earn some substantial amounts of EmerCoin by utilizing the emcLNX Link System to advance your business or website. The engineers who brought you EmerCoin make themselves available to help anyone in getting the Link up. Come be a part of this growing Global Community that supports this great multi-use CryptoCurrency.


                               Innovative blockchain services, decentralized solutions for real life 


Advertising Link Exchanger on EmerCoin


emcLNX is a peer-to-peer text-advertisement network based on a per-click payment model. There are 3 roles in this system:

• Buyer: Advertises their website using the emcLNX network. They pay a small amount of funds for each Visitor referred to their site by the emcLNX network.

• Host: Displays emcLNX advertisements on their website. When a Visitor clicks an ad, the Host sends this Visitor to the Buyer’s website and receives payment from the Buyer for this visit.

   • Visitor: An ordinary web-user who clicks on an advertisement on the Host’s website and arrives at the Buyer’s website.

For more information see: emcLNX


Using EmerCoin NVS to deploy and manage Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)


A simple program emcSSH provides a bridge between OpenSSH and the EMC blockchain, allowing for secure, decentralized management of PKI. When OpenSSH is configured to refer to emcSSH, the program will query the EmerCoin blockchain to retrieve SSH credentials during the authentication process.

For more information see: emcSSH

EMCDNS AND NVS                   

NVS (Name-Value Storage) and DNS support in EmerCoin

Please note this document may be subject to change especially around the release of EmerCoin version 0.3.0.

Starting with version 0.3.0, EmerCoin provides a new service: storing name->value pairs in its blockchain. The inital idea has been borrowed from the NameCoin cryptocurrency. However, where NameCoin is mostly focused on supporting decentralized domain zone *.bit in their extension, Emercoin provides a universal service to store and maintain name->value pairs without imposing narrow specialization. Of course, EmerCoin supports distributed alternative DNS service too. Moreover, each EmerCoin wallet contains a built-in simple DNS server, supporting the standard RFC1034 UDP DNS protocol.

For more information see: emcDNS


EMCSSL – passwordless logins with EmerCoin.

This document will introduce details of a scalable infrastructure for passwordless authorization suitable for an unlimited number of web services.

The infrastructure sits on the EmerCoin cryptocurrency blockchain, using the blockchain as a decentralized trust store of hash sums for client SSL-certificates. Certificates can be generated by clients locally, without any central authority, and quickly replaced as needed. This makes the system effective both for scheduled replacement and rapid recall of compromised certificates.

For more information see: emcSSL

EmerCoin Contact: [email protected]  

Source: emercoin.com

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