ElectraPay is Another Altcoin Payment Solution no one Really Needs

Making cryptocurrency payments convenient and accessible remains crucial. A more competitors emerge, that process will go smoother over time.

ElectraPay is the latest entrant to join this space.

Can ElectraPay Succeed? 

In the blog post, it is mentioned how this crypto payment service will go into operation in January of 2020.

During that period, a pilot program will begin.

It is believed that ElectraPay will remain in beta testing for several months to come.

This solution is designed for merchants and encompasses numerous features.

Users will be able to integrate this payment processing service with ease.

Although this solution only supports the Electra currency, it is an interesting addition regardless. 

It is one of the few payment solutions to let users hold or convert their currency accordingly.

In the cryptocurrency industry, there is a growing demand for merchants holding their crypto payments.

If and when that will effectively happen in the future, has yet to be determined.

It will be interesting to see how ElectraPay fares in this regard.

By focusing just on an altcoin hardly anyone knows about, the solution might not necessarily gain much traction. 

Even so, altcoins need native solutions to gain any sort of traction.

Leading payment processors are often less inclined to support alternative currencies, for a wide variety of reasons.