Eleanor-A Is A Mac OS X Malware Accessing Your Webcam

Malware is nothing new under the sun these days, albeit there are many different variants to take into account. A new type of malware target Mac OS X users wants to hook up users’ webcams to the dark net for some unknown reason. Eleanor-A, as this malicious software is called, cleverly disguises itself as a regular utility.

Mac OS X Users Beware!

It does not happen often Mac OS users are targeted by malware developers. Compared to other operating systems, Mac OS is close to clean as a whistle. But that isn’t keeping internet criminals from trying, even when are less versed in the potential use cases for malicious software.

Eleanor-A is a malware contender to keep an eye on, as it is a rather strange creature. Disguising itself as EasyDoc Converter, the application looks harmless enough. But as it turns out, the application itself is rather useless, even though plenty of people will feel the urge to install it over time.

This nasty piece of software creates a hidden folder in the background with programs and scripts. Oddly enough, these farms appear to be mostly harmless as well. But when push comes to shove, Eleanor-A will set up various applications to run in the background, including a copy of the Tor browser.

But the strangest thing is how the malware will attempt to access users’ webcams. Although this utility is rather old – and no longer works on updated versions of Mac OS X – it could still affect some users. Moreover, there is a PHP script running in the background which lets assailants replace this utility wit anything else they desire.

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely protect oneself from this malware. Using a proper anti-virus may offer some protection, though. For the time being, it’s hard to gauge what type of attacks can be executed with this malware. Accessing the webcam is concerning, but it’s not a serious threat by any means.

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