Egnyte Protects Companies From Local and Cloud-based Ransomware Attacks

Stopping the number of ransomware attacks and data breaches should be the top priority for every enterprise in existence. Egnyte Protect is on the right track, as they offer a brand new service which provides access control and blocks harmful software at the same time.

Egnyte Protect Targets Cloud and Home

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Ransomware and data breaches are a severe threat to every business and individual user connected to the Internet. Hackers are becoming apter at infecting computers with malicious software, as well as bypass database security to steal sensitive information. Most businesses are evolving to cloud-based services, which make it all but impossible to properly manage stored data.

Egnyte is looking to change all of that, as they will focus on selective encryption and control over data residency moving forward. What makes this particular solution, so appealing is how local storage and standard cloud storage services at the same time. All files will have specific rules applied to them based on the metadata associated with the data.

Moreover, Egnyte Protect is being deployed as-a-service, making use of cloud-provided computational power. On the topic of rules related to every file, there will be a mix of manual policies and automated analytics-based rules. However, customers will be able to customize these details as they see fit.

This dual-pronged approach by Egnyte gives it a competitive edge over other companies providing data protection. By using the cloud to their advantage, the company can obtain better analytics to fine-tune its product over time. But there is more, as the software-as-a-service is also capable of detecting CryptoLocker ransomware.

It will be interesting to see how the Egnyte Protect service evolves over time. The enterprise is definitely on the right track by offering protection for both home and the cloud at the same time. Unfortunately for consumers, this software is only available to enterprises, and there is no freemium model available.

Source: Ars Technica

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