Early Bitcoin Adopter Becomes VR Headset Creator

Early adopters who make a substantial amount of money in the Bitcoin world are always looking for ways to increase their wealth. One teenager has launched his Indiegogo campaign to fund a new VR headset.

Bitcoin Enthusiast Develops VR Headset

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Adopter VR Headset

The story of Erik Finman is not an unusual one, as he invested US$1,000 in Bitcoin at the age of 13, and cashed out 18 months later to a US$100,000 paycheck. After launching his own online tutoring service at the age of 15, he decided it was something new, and created Marvel, a new VR headset.

This just goes to show that a preference for Bitcoin can bring positive things in life to those who believe in the concept of this cryptocurrency. Although everyone wants to become filthy rich when buying Bitcoin today, such a value increase is not unlikely to occur again in the coming years. However, not everyone will start their own VR company, later on, so let’s see what the Marvel is all about.

Unlike most other VR headsets, the Marvel wants to replace your computer altogether. Although the device requires an Android phone to be used, all of the running applications are shown in a 360-degree format around the user. Turning one’s head left and right will let users switch between apps, and a keyboard and mouse can be used through a Bluetooth connection.

What sets the Marvel apart is not its striking similarity to the Oculus Rift, but rather how it has sensors which can accurately track movement when users look around. Moreover, the list of compatible phones is a lot longer than the Samsung Gear VR, as long as the device runs Lollipop or newer versions of the Android operating system.

At the time of writing, there is an Indiegogo campaign running the Marvel VR headset. Finman hopes to reach at least US$500,000 with the campaign, as the early bird price for this headset is set at US$200. Although Finman has no manufacturing experience himself, he is surrounded by industry experts.

Source: Mashable

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