düber Technologies – Incentivizing through Blockchain

While a variety of cryptocurrencies have dealt with the cannabis space, düber Technologies Inc. is bringing their established and well-operating organization to the blockchain with the launch of their new düber Token (DBR). The company’s mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses compete with larger corporations through superior technology, all the while ensuring that they maintain regulatory compliance. Their existing business provides customers with online ordering, self-serve systems, global product search, digital signage and advertising products, and is currently operational in US state jurisdictions which have legalized medical and recreational cannabis.

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The düber is intended to incentivize and improve information exchange in the cannabis community, ranging from product data to reviews, referrals, loyalty, and advertising, all contained on the düber platform. The düber team has a great deal of experience, with their CEO Glenn Ballman having founded and led his previous company through a $200+ million USD IPO on the NASDAQ. Their 25-person team has 16 full-time developers with experience ranging from mobile payment processing to retail POS and inventory management.

One unique feature of the düber ICO is their use of an SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) structure. This structure has been developed by multiple legal teams to ensure that it is legally compliant with existing investment regulations. The düber team has chosen this structure to provide their contributors with the confidence that their offering reaches the highest levels of compliance currently available. Investors are funding development through to a public launch, at which point the SAFT is automatically converted into DBR tokens which have utility on the düber platform.

The DBR token sale will be running in four stages, with three presale stages and one general crowd sale. Investors are still in time to access the second stage of the crowd sale, which launched on October 17th and features a 20% bonus.

The team’s advisory board consists of some of the leading figures in blockchain and cannabis technology, and the company’s partners include respected retailers, distributors, processors, and producers in the licensed cannabis industry. This broad range of partners and advisors reinforces the company’s ability to cover the cannabis industry’s entire supply chain. Another factor likely to embolden investors is the company’s recent landing of $50 million dollars in funding for the creation of 15 distribution centers.

The company’s white paper is available on their website at dubercoin.com, as well as having outreach efforts on a variety of social media platforms. From their headquarters in Seattle, Washington, the company’s software-as-a-service platform hopes to bring token economics and incentivization to their pre-existing point of sale online ordering and self-serve systems. By getting community members to providing product information, photos, reviews and loyalty programs, as well as reaching through to producers and distributors, the company stands poised to capture the future of the cannabis industry.