Dubai Police Force Welcomes World’s First Robot Officer

Not too long ago, we discussed how the Russian military is experimenting with their own autonomous “Robocop”. It now appears the Dubai Police is doing nearly the same, as the government has introduced a robotic police officer on stage during a recent conference. In fact, it is the world’s first operational robot policeman. Quite an interesting development, that much is evident.

Dubai Presents A Working Robot Policeman

It is quite interesting to see how Dubai is progressing toward embracing new and innovative technologies. An autonomous robot policeman is quite a big step, to say the least. It is the world’s first operational officer of its kind, and it comes packed with a ton of innovative features that will make it blend in. That is, as far as a robot can blend in with a society dominated by humans.

Speaking of the specifications, this robot policeman stands 170 centimeters tall and weighs in at 100 kilograms. That is not entirely unlike human police officers, and it appears these measurements were taken quite deliberately by the engineers. Moreover, the robot can recognize gestures and hand signals thanks to its embedded emotion detector.

If that isn’t enough to get you excited Dubai’s newest police officer can also detect facial expressions and emotions, allowing to interact with humans in an appropriate manner. As we would expect, the officer can also change his expression and emotions to put people at ease. This latter feature can be extremely useful when dealing with a stressful situation.

It appears the plan is to let this robot police officer patrol the streets of Dubai. Thanks to its built-in artificial intelligence and other undisclosed technologies, it should be able to help police officers catch criminals. Moreover, it is possible the robot will be used to broadcast live video feeds, albeit it remains unclear which situations would warrant the use of such technology. It is an intriguing addition to the Dubai Police team, that much is evident.

This robot police officer has a built-in table which allows users to interact with smart police services. Payments can be completed using a credit card, should the need arise to pay for something. The robot communicates in six different languages, including Arabic and English. It is equally possible to shake the police offer’s hand or greet him with a military salute, which will be answered in the same manner.

It will be interesting to see how this robot works out for the Dubai Police. It is quite a groundbreaking experiment that could easily backfire. Then again, now is a good time to explore new technologies, even if it means directly introducing them to our society. Robots are more than capable of enhancing police officer duties, that much is evident.

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