Dorian Nakamoto denies being bitcoin creator, gets 48 bitcoins

The supposed bitcoin creator Dorian Nakamoto received 48 bitcoins from the bitcoin community as donation.

the donation came from the fundraiser which happened on blockchain as of 4/23 Najamoto’s wallet reads 49.271 Bitcoin which according to todays bitcoin price which is at $491, is worth $24,000.

Nakamoto made a youtube video where he said:

“Thank you very much for your support throughout this ordeal that I am still fighting”

Andreas Antonopoulos was the one who organized the online fundraiser for Nakamoto in March.

On reddit Andreas wrote:

This man is such a kind and generous soul. I’m here only as a custodian, it is not my role to say anything, out of respect for Dorian. I’m smiling that he wants to hold the bitcoin, I’m so glad he is happy, wow, how touching.”

This only shows that the Bitcoin community is supportive and not “criminal minded” like many media outlets portray it as. Bitcoin is here to stay and the support that people receive from the Bitcoin community only shows how far it has gone.

Dorian did not say what he will use the money for, he might use it to take action against newsweek. You can read more about Nakamoto’s lawsuit with newsweek here