Don’t Use This Website When Generating a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

There will never be  a shortage of Bitcoin wallet solutions. One of the safest options is to create a paper wallet, but not every online generator can be trusted either.

Using a paper wallet isn’t necessarily a long-term BTC storage solution.

Don’t Generate a Paper Wallet Online

While it can serve that purpose, it is a piece of paper, after all.

In terms of giving Bitcoin as a gift to friends, family, and loved ones, paper wallets can certainly be useful.

When creating such a wallet, it is often better not to rely on an online service.

A new security alert has been issued for Bitcoinpaperwallet, a platform providing this particular wallet generation service. 

However, it seems as if the precious information associated with this process isn’t as tamper-proof as one might think.

Some major websites in this industry even refer to the platform as a go-to paper wallet generator option.

It is evident that, while that is not uncommon, these issues are not new either.

In fact, they were first reported nearly a full year ago.

Who no one bothered to remove all references to this platform from their website at the time, is a mystery.

No one should want others to lose money in any capacity.