Divi Project to Bring Mass-adoption to Digital Currencies

At this moment in time, one of the largest issues the digital currency market faces is mass-adoption. While investors, finance enthusiasts and tech-fans were instantly captured by the potential of cryptocurrencies, the masses haven’t been specifically targeted and convinced yet.

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The Divi Project, represents an upcoming, fourth-generation digital currency that attracted a lot of media attention once it launched. Its main purpose is clear: offering a lucrative solution to mass adoption by ordinary people throughout the world. The Divi Project strives to become the world’s first digital currency specifically designed for regular people, while offering an easy-to-use interface that anyone can use. So far, the Divi Project has been mentioned by numerous news outlets including Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.

The development team behind the Divi Project consists of highly-skilled individuals with years of experience. For instance, the former Yahoo Chief Solutions Officer, Tim Sanders; Toni Lane Casserly, former CEO of CoinTelegraph; Ramez Naam, the winner of the Phillip K Dick award for the best Sci-Fi novel; top New York publicist Heidi Krupp and more.

The members behind the Divi Project believe that the current digital currency solutions are way too complicated, insecure and confusing for the common users, hence why Bitcoin hasn’t managed to be mass-adopted so far, despite its popularity and price. The Divi Project aims to solve all of these problems by developing a new blockchain network that is capable of withstanding massive use and no longer bugged, but also by creating a smart wallet which will make storing, sending and receiving digital currency a lot easier.

Tim Sanders believes that: “Apple brought design acumen and appliance-level ease of use to the personal computing world. Similarly, Divi’s team is taking a design approach to take the complexity and fear out of cryptocurrency. They’ve demonstrated the ability to not only dream big, but to execute the plan. Those are the two ingredients I look for when getting involved in a company.”

To help incentivise adoption and secure the network, Divi will also offer a lottery blocks feature, which will grant 11 lucky people a share of over 5,000 DIVI every week, directly into their smart wallets.  It’s most innovative feature, which is sure to be beloved of many crypto fans, is the world’s first five-tiered masternode system, with diamond, platinum, gold, silver, and copper levels depending on the amount of coins a user places in them.

The Divi Project is currently raising money through its crowd sale campaign. It intends to capture a slice of the $10 trillion dollars’ worth of money that will soon go digital, and provide people with an easy-to-use system that will change the world’s financial system.

Those who are interested in learning more about the project, can head over to the Divi website, or read the whitepaper.