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Dish is now the biggest company to accept Bitcoin

Dish is now accepting Bitcoin!

Dish is the largest company to accept Bitcoin. They teamed up with coinbase to eliminate the risk of Bitcoin’s price fluctuation. The idea came from Dish employees who became Bitcoin users themselves. Dish’s COO Bernie Han says that the demand for Bitcoin is unclear but because there is a low barrier cost and virtually nothing to loose Dish decided to start accepting Bitcoin.

Dish is a huge corporation that makes close to 13.9 billion in revenue each year. That is an enormous market base which Bitcoin has tapped to. It will bring in media attention and more consumers. The only way to make the Bitcoin price rise without hyped bubbles is to create a functional economy. By introducing Bitcoin to huge corporations like Dish we are helping the Bitcoin economy which in turn will raise it’s price.

Affect on the market

The news about Dish accepting Bitcoins came roughly 24 hours ago. Now let us take a look at BTC-Es chart from the last 24 hours:

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Here you can see the boxes outline the time around where the news came out about Dish. We saw some buy volume and the market seemed to be corrected again towards an uptrend. More news like this and it should shoot Bitcoin even higher. Post your comments below about your prediction for the market and do not forget to enter our daily giveaway! More information below.


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