DirectHome To Launch TGE, Revolutionize Real Estate

Singapore- based DirectHome is looking to circumvent the necessity of a real estate agent, which typically charges either a flat fee or a percentage, typically around 6 percent. With the average price of a home in the USA above $200,000, that’s a commission of $12,000.

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Real estate was worth $220 trillion in 2017, accounting for 60% of global wealth, and is 2.7 times the global GDP.

DirectHome enabling buyers and sellers

DirectHome is putting power back into the buyer and seller’s hands with its online platform, allowing users to buy, sell, and rent properties without the need for a real estate agent. This not only expedites transactions but reduces transaction costs, meaning more money for the sellers, savings which can be passed along to the buyers.

Battle-tested platform

The platform has already transacted more than $350 million in property value, a testament to the success of the platform so far. The platform also offers cash back and rewards to contributors via Tokenomics, and its native token, DIREC. Each token is worth $1 USD and is pegged to the fiat equivalent. Furthermore, a 20% discount is provided when using these tokens.

Besides offering a platform that does away with realtors and allows for the direct payment of properties with no third party, DirectHome also has a platform that crowdsources real estate data. Contributors are rewarded whenever they upload, providing a financial incentive for those that share information.  

TGE Details

DirectHome is now launching a token generating event for their token, with a soft cap of $3,000,000. The TGE will begin May 15th, 2018 and end July 15th, 2018 with funds used for various purposes.

50% of the tokens will be distributed during the TGE, with the other half in a 30/20 split. 30% will be allocated for platform reward development, and the remaining 20% will be held in cold storage for the team, talent acquisition, and management.

These include IT development marketing and sales, operations and administration, internal expansion, development fund, as well as a bug bounty program.

Once the TGE comes to an end, DirectHome will begin working on milestone 1 in their roadmap, expansion of services in the resale market. This will focus on providing secondary sale services to the public, giving users a wide range of options for transaction residential properties.

Milestone 2, which is an expansion of primary service sales is slated for October 2018 on the roadmap, and Milestone 3, making DirectHome Global is scheduled for March 2019.

Milestone 2 will enhance the DirectHome cashback program, giving buyers the opportunity to receive tens of thousands of dollars in cash. It will also create a consolidated advertising platform for a complete catalog of all new primary property sales.

Milestone 3 will see DirectHome expanding into a global platform, with a comprehensive regulation handbook for 5 cities, as well as an expansion into another 20. A forum for discussion and the community will be created, as well as marketing campaign packages, for those looking to advertise their properties and reach targeted audiences.

To learn more about DirectHome, visit their website and read their Whitepaper. You can chat with the team on Telegram, and follow their social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. All videos are uploaded to their YouTube channel, with blog posts on Medium. For professional networking, DirectHome has a LinkedIn.