Dentacoin’s Unique Value

The Dentacoin project aims to shake up the way people think about the dentistry industry. This platform will give a real voice to patients by ensuring that all dentist reviews are real and immutable, while also providing rewards to engaged members of the community. This unique project draws its value from the team’s unique passions and an understanding of what creates and bolsters value.

Real Value in Cryptocurrencies

Most readers already know that there is real and potential value in cryptocurrencies. While they are not issued by institutional authorities, the community and the market have made them real stores of wealth and transaction mediums. While cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream, Dentacoin is already ahead of the game. This project is a cryptocurrency that can be a truly disruptive force in the dental industry. It is already becoming increasingly accepted, which shows that Dentacoin’s project has real and even more potential value.

Communities Create Value

One of the most important aspects of any movement or project is the creation and nurturing of a community of users. Dentacoin is building a community primarily through its live dental review platform. Here, users can read and write reviews and be rewarded with Dentacoin tokens. So far, there are over 200 users and 40 dental practices registered on the platform. While it is already a successful platform, it is just one of the many that Dentacoin plans to build in order to create community.

Indeed, creating and fostering a strong community is one of the main goals of the Dentacoin project. The team believes that the more active users they have, the higher the overall value of the community and hence its token. Strengthened community will also translate into improved quality of dental care.

Community participants are rewarded with Dentcoin tokens. These are accepted by participating dental practices and are also listed on three exchanges currently.

Stability Builds Value

While volatility is appealing for traders who are looking to get rich quick, true value is found in stability and transactability. Many people do not want to spend or accept cryptocurrencies because of perceived volatility issues. This is why Dentacoin is proud of its comparatively stable token. If something is stable, the likelihood that someone will accept it is higher. The team does concede that wider adoption should result in a higher value per token, but steady growth of value is the marker of a healthy economy. This is in stark contrast to wild price fluctuations seen in other currencies, which would not be attractive to patients or caregivers.

Investment Builds Value

Investment building the value of any asset seems somewhat obvious, but it is often overlooked in discussion. New money flowing into an economic ecosystem obviously will attract the interest of others and thus raise the value of said ecosystem. In fact, Dentacoin is hosting an ICO starting on October 1st to court even more investments.

However, it is also important that the ecosystem continue to invest in itself as well. This is the model that Dentacoin has chosen. Remaining tokens in the market will be purchased with 50% of the profits that the Dentacoin Foundation has. It hopes that this will help reduce any gap between supply and demand of Dentacoin and also fortify the underlying value of the token itself.

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