Dentacoin Looks to Shape Future of Dentist-Patient Relationship – Pre-Sale Goes Live

One of the most exciting things about following cryptocurrency news is seeing the incredible amount of innovation taking place. I often have to take a step back and remind myself that the Blockchain -as introduced by Bitcoin- itself is not even 9 years old. The explosion in innovation may be because almost any business or public sector initiative can benefit from the Blockchain.

Healthcare administration is no exception to this. A project called Dentacoin out of the Netherlands aims to bring the Blockchain to the Healthcare Industry, specifically dentistry.

Dentacoin Empowering Patients

We live in a society that values reviews and audits. In fact, we have ritualized the act of validating and reviewing things (for those interested in this concept I suggest you read “The Audit Society” by Michael Power). This is why above all else, people tend to have reviews heavily influence the way they view a business, company, or service.

Dentacoin realizes this and sees untapped potential for the Blockchain to make a meaningful impact. They are making a secure platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that rewards participants and encourages them to leave constructive and honest reviews of their dental experiences. This gives patients a voice they may not previously had. It also empowers those looking for information on various dentists, as the platform is transparent and tamper-resistant. Patients will know the reviews they are reading were not altered by the dentists. 

Not Just for Reviews

The community that Dentacoin plans on building will not only be focused on dental health in the future. They also plan on having a decentralized and highly secure database of all health records. Sharing would require permission from the patient, but this kind of database would simplify the lives of both patients and dentists when searching for health records.

This project also wants to develop a mobile app which encourages good hygiene practices after appointments and procedures. By encouraging participation via a community platform will likely improve the adherence to any prescribed or suggested schedule.

There will also be an interactive educational website for the Dentacoin community. Here members will be able to learn more about dental health and how to maintain good dental hygiene. The interactive aspect -such as games, quizzes, etc- of this site will set it apart from the vanilla medical sites we know of today.

Dentacoin Pre-Sale

There are a few ways individuals can earn Dentacoins (DCN). Being a patient of a partner clinic and participating in the community platforms are all viable routes to earning Dentacoins. The other option is simply purchasing Dentcoins.

The project is also currently having a Pre-Sale of its tokens as well. It will continue for the next 27 days or so and currently 1 ETH = 8,000,000 DCN.

Learn more about the project:

Dentacoin’s Whitepaper:

Dentacoin’s Pre-sale:

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