Dentacoin Now Has Over 20,000 Supporters

Since its ICO presale back in July, the Dentacoin project is thriving and now has over 20,000 supporters. These supporters clearly have a strong belief in the project and its viability. Let’s take a look at how the project is doing and why its supporters believe in the team and the project so much.

Dentacoin Changes How We Think About Dental Care

One of the main reasons that Dentacoin is doing so well is the fact that most people see its value as a platform. The project has many unique benefits as a stable cryptocurrency believed in by a fantastic team. Cryptocurrencies have already demonstrated their value as digital assets since Bitcoin first disrupted the financial markets.

These 20,000 supporters comprise a large and growing community. Both dental clinics and patients see the use cases of Dentacoin and have been bolstering its online presence via social media. One of the places we see even more growth is the project’s live dental review platform. Here community members are rewarded with Dentacoin tokens for participating in the community. They are given these tokens in exchange for using the platform and writing helpful reviews. With a stronger community and more active members, the value of the token itself should also grow alongside its community.

Dentacoin Value Grows and Attracts More Interest

Another reason the project has so many supporters is that the value of the actual asset is growing. Since the presale, the token itself has gone up in value , experiencing its peak close to when it began trading on exchanges. Dentacoin’s price at the time of writing is US$0.000168, and is performing rather well. Its trading volume in the past 24 hours is just under US$12,000 with a market capitalization of US$2,722,916.

Investors are looking at this and becoming excited for the upcoming ICO and the chance to purchase even more Dentacoin. Users are getting to see the value of their assets grow, but also have immediate use cases for it. The project is happy because of the strong communities that the project is helping to build, along with a thriving review platform which gives patients back their power. With blockchain-timestamped reviews, users know that what they are reading has not been tampered with, falsified, or paid for. It is a win-win for everyone.  

If you are interested in the project, be sure to check out its website and look at the review platform. The team is knowledgeable about their industry and passionate about empowering patients and users through their project. With all these things going for it, it is no wonder why Dentacoin has so much support.

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