Democrats Urge Obama to Strike Back For the DNC Hacks

Cyber Security experts were hired to find out who was behind the DNC hacking recently, and have come to believe that two highly advanced Russian based hacking groups Fancy Bear, and Cozy Bear, are responsible.

Anymore, hacking is common place in today’s cyber frontier, but hacking political data, months before a country’s major presidential election is pushing the limit. Usually, larger scale hacking like the kind the DNC saw are for some kind of profit, but researchers are worried that this time the goal of the attacks is to ruin the credibility of the upcoming election.

Obama has said that there will be no type of retaliation towards Russia for the hacks, but Democrats are pushing for a more direct charge in this case. What they are failing to realize is that Obama has to take into consideration two things, Russia’s involvement is still not 100 percent proven, and if it ever is, how he will have to contend with confronting a country who is on the same level, if not a notch or two higher when it comes to cyber territory.

While he didn’t pin point hacking concerns, Ash Carter, Defense Secretary did say that the U.S. and its partners wouldn’t ignore Russia’s efforts to interfere with our democratic processes.

President Obama seems to share the same concerns as the rest of the Democratic Party members, but he is in the position to delicately delegate what exactly happens, if anything at all. Moving against Russia in these times is a tricky, risky maneuver, and needs to be taken with the utmost care, and caution. As it was stated before, Russia’s involvement is still only speculative, with Russian President Vladimir Putin saying that the Russian Government has no official involvement or knowledge to what is happening. Although he didn’t say that he is for or against the cyber-attacks against the United States Democratic Party, he has been known to take shots at how the U.S. Government is being ran, and scoffing at the U.S. democratic system. He has also referred to the hacks as possibly being a good thing for the American people.

One thing is for certain, the United States has to navigate these waters extremely carefully, or this voyage could become extremely nasty.

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