Decentralized VPNs Remove the Single Point of Failure

There are many things one can achieve with a decentralized project. In this current day and age, a decentralized anonymous VPN would be of great interest to a lot of people. 

The global interest in VPN services continues to increase.

A Decentralized VPN has Tremendous Potential

That is only normal, as ISPs and governments continue to spy on consumers at every possible turn. 

Unfortunately,not all centralized companies can be trusted in this regard.

If one wants to be truly private, it is always best to set up one’s own VPN.

For most people, that will be challenging first and foremost.

To address this problem, RTrade has unveiled its open source decentralized VPN solution..

It lets users connect to VPNs over the I2P network.

Under the hood, everything will be configured automatically, removing most technical barriers to entry.

This solution also allows for automated hopping between different virtual private networks.

Decentralized privacy is a very interesting topic to explore.

By removing the trust one needs to provide the VPN provider with, the central point of failure is taken off the board.

RTrade ensures all incoming and outgoing data is routed anonymously on both the client and server side.

Projects like these can highlight the potential of decentralized technology.

It is also widely usable by everyone around the planet, assuming they are willing to put in a few minutes of work.