Decentralized Ridesharing Platform Arcade City Comes To Mobile on September 1st

Arcade City is one of those projects which is captivating the cryptocurrency ecosystem right now.  By creating a truly decentralised version of Uber and ride-sharing, this initiative will shape up the industry even further. Late law tonight, the team announced their global application would launch on iOS and Android on September 1, 2016.

Arcade City Has A Launch Date

The Arcade City initiative has attracted quite a bit of attention in the cryptocurrency ecosystem over the past few months. Even though this concept runs on the Ethereum blockchain, users can spend Bitcoin to pay for the services provided. This is an exciting hybrid solution which will help shape the future of cryptocurrency as a whole.

Promoting the Arcade City service will be a difficult challenge, though. Uber has gained significant traction because it was available on all major mobile operating systems from day one. The Arcade City team is taking the same approach by launching their iOS and Android apps on September 1, 2016. Moreover, this app will be available to everyone in the world.

The future of ridesharing hangs in the balance, and there is plenty of room for innovation. Even though some people would like to think of Uber as being decentralised, that is far from the case. All the service does is aggregate people who like to drive and match those with others looking for a ride. However, the company handles all of the payments and decides the fare themselves.

This is why Arcade City will be very different, as it does not hold on to user funds along the way. Moreover, due to its decentralised nature, there is no company to shut down or officials to pressure into shutting the service down. It is a solution for the people, by the people, regardless of imaginary borders and current social infrastructure.

The team is also planning to support multiple cryptocurrencies in the future. This may lead to a future collaboration between Arcade City and, albeit that has not been confirmed just yet. Initiatives like these can help put cryptocurrency on the map all over the world; that much is certain.

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