Decentraland (MANA) And Huobi Token (HT) Looking Too Risky? Meet Collateral Network (COLT)!

Crypto investing may be profitable, but only the most promising tokens are set to bring holders the biggest returns. With coins like Decentraland (MANA) and Huobi Token (HT) facing uncertainty, many investors are looking at new projects with stronger use cases to generate long-term profits.

Today, we will discuss one such project – Collateral Network (COLT), the world’s first decentralized crowdlending platform in Stage 1 of its presale! Having already seen predictions that COLT will surge from its initial price of $0.01 by over 35x, Collateral Network (COLT) is set for an extremely bullish few months. Let’s see how all of these cryptos will compare to each other.


Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland (MANA) recently introduced the SDK 7 Beta, which serves as an open protocol for creating metaverse content. This news caused a jump in the Decentraland (MANA) coin value by 10% in the past 24 hours.

Decentraland (MANA) is currently trading for $0.5879 with a market cap of $1B and a 24-hour trading volume of 133,406,762. Bulls are flocking to Decentraland (MANA), with all technical indicators showing green.

However, remember that Decentraland (MANA) is a metaverse platform, and the idea of the metaverse has yet to catch on. Because of this, experts predict the Decentraland (MANA) price may reach $1 but will take some time to reach this. Even if Decentraland (MANA) manages to reach that mark, it still has a tough time ahead.

Huobi Token (HT)

In recent news, Huobi Token (HT) flash crashed by 90%, dropping to the $0.30 level from $4.6. Since then, the Huobi Token (HT) has quickly recovered, with the crash being brushed off as regular market behavior.

Huobi Token (HT) is currently worth $4.09, up 5% in the last 24 hours. Moreover, Huobi Token (HT) has been showing positive trading volume also, jumping by 15% in that same time.

But, the technical analysis for Huobi Token (HT) has been negative with moving averages showing strong sell signals. Bearish analysts are predicting Huobi Token (HT) could sink to $3.60 by the end of 2023. Many individuals are still viewing Huobi Token (HT) as an exchange coin with no real-world utility as they expect other projects with more use cases to be more profitable in the long run.


Collateral Network (COLT)

As a revolutionary new decentralized crowdlending platform, Collateral Network (COLT) will allow individuals to utilize valuable assets (luxury supercars, houses, fine art, etc.) as collateral for loans. For example, an owner of an upcoming company in need of funding can now avoid conventional lenders and banks, by simply taking their item to Collateral Network (COLT) to unlock its liquidity.

This is made possible by using fractionalized, asset-backed NFTs that facilitate COLT’s unique, peer-to-peer crowdlending system. Lenders on Collateral Network (COLT) can become their own banks without having to fund the entire loan for borrowers, simply by purchasing the fractions of the NFTs that are backed 1:1 by borrower’s assets.

Worried about safety? Collateral Network (COLT) will employ 2FA security options while locking liquidity for 33 years and team tokens for 2 years – excellent safety measures for all investors!

The COLT token will grant holders reduced trading/borrowing fees, governance privileges for the network’s development, staking rewards, access to exclusive VIP groups and more! COLT is presently worth $0.01, an excellent opportunity for a coin predicted to increase in value over the coming months to $0.35.

If you wish to purchase a cryptocurrency that could become a blue-chip coin for a very affordable price, now is the time to check out Collateral Network (COLT)!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.