DECENT ICO Details Unveiled

Decent is a content distribution and sharing platform that intends to change the way we buy, sell and share content by connecting viewers, readers or listeners with artist and content creators directly and in a decentralized manner, eliminating single points of failure and censorship.

Users will be able to create, publish and consume content on the DECENT platform directly, without the need to pay intermediary fees, meaning that the 100% of value that is paid goes to the content creator, who is only required to pay a spam prevention fee, this fee stays within the network and is given to miners as a reward for maintaining the Decent network. It will ensure spamming the network is extremely expensive and also ineffective due to the reputation and feedback systems implemented.

Decent aims at making the entertainment industry not only more efficient but also fairer, as its protocol ensures everyone has the same rights as a content creator or consumer. Everyone has the possibility to create a lifetime reputation since feedback is recorded on the blockchain or even to stay anonymous if one chooses to do so.

In order to publish or to buy content, one must have DCT, which is the currency in the Decent platform and will be sold during the Software Sale.

Further details regarding the Initial Coin Offering period have recently been made public through an official blog post, that details the distribution of the tokens. 70% of all Decent tokens will be sold in the software sale, while the remaining 30% will be made available for miners as block rewards for making the files available for download through the BitTorrent-based layer and for processing DCT transactions and maintaining the Decent blockchain.

The Decent software sale or ICO is set to begin on the 10th of September and it will last for 8 weeks, during this time users will be allowed to send BTC or ETH in exchange for Decent network tokens, DCT.

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