DE Asset Management Limited Seals Half Million Dollar Investment Partnership with blockchain Islamic Bank, Hada DBank

Hada Dbank, the world‘s first digital Islamic bank with ambitions to launch a blockchain-based platform, has announced its latest partnership deal with Canadian venture capital company DE Asset Management Limited.

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The Vancouver-based outfit have invested a significant sum of $500,000 into Hada Dbank‘s project, via its ongoing HADACoins token pre-sale, which represents the bank‘s efforts to crowd fund its blockchain venture via the sale of its native digital token based on the Ethereum protocol.

From early adopter to long-term advocate

The contribution signifies DE Asset Management‘s intentions to make Hada Dbank its long-term partner, as it looks to cooperate with them on developing and launching its own venture capital cryptocurrency fund (DE Fund) later this year.

DE Asset Management was an early adopter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and is recognized as a leader in venture capital investments and strategic partnerships, having served the regions of North America, the Caribbean, Middle East, UK, East and Southeast Asia for the past five years.

Prior to its pioneering links with blockchain startups, DE Asset Management found success investing in the energy sector, with a focus on renewable energy. Always keeping with relevant trends in the economy, the firm moved on to a string of successful industries, from employment, to health care, and now technology.

DE president Darrell Emmanuel sees their latest partnership as a highly promising venture, giving a nod to the lofty ambitions of its team, tempered by diligent work ethics. Emmanuel believes that prioritising mutual growth is the assurance of success:

I personally believe in this project and foresee the company will soar in value in the near future. The relationship between DE and Hada DBank is a symbiotic one and the best way for both to benefit is to grow together. DE will continue to support Hada DBank in the long run, and this is proven by our decision to procure HADACoins.

Hada DBank CEO Mohd Al-Shazanous further remarked that such partnerships were important to ensure that the future viability of the project would continue to develop and hoped to maintain collaborations with all its partners in a joint effort to mainstream the emerging blockchain technology.

The way banking should be

Cognizant of the persistent challenges and underlying issues of the current financial and banking system, Hada DBank proposes to promote digital banking augmented with blockchain innovations and guided by rational ideals of Islamic financial principles.

With blockchain securing, as well as enabling the transparency and risk-sharing advocated by Islamic banking, Hada DBank believes its solution to be one that will renew the banking industry through ethical business conduct, while prioritizing all customers in recognition of their unique and individual needs.

The Hada DBank pre-sale is ongoing, with HADACoin tokens sold at an attractive base rate of 1 ETH = 4,000 HADACoin.

To learn how banking should be done, visit the Hada DBank website and read its whitepaper. To meet the team, join the Telegram channel or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.