Dash Price Resumes Bulltrend as Gains Continue to Pile up

It would appear last night resulted in some minor negative momentum for all cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets. That is only normal, yet it also appears as if even more bullish momentum is shaping up right now.  All of the top markets continue to note gains, with the Dash price seemingly popping off as of right now. A very remarkable development, considering nothing major is happening behind the scenes.

Dash Price Momentum Picks up Steam

It is pretty interesting to keep an eye on all of the cryptocurrency markets these days. When the momentum turns bullish – or something close to it – very interesting changes can be noted in quick succession. It is evident the positive Bitcoin price spell has a big impact on this development, although one has to wonder how long it will remain in place. For now, the positive momentum needs to be appreciated while it lasts.

In the case of the Dash price, things have gotten very interesting lately. Following fresh 5.2% gains in both USD and BTC value, there is a notable uptrend where this privacy-oriented altcoin is concerned. As of right now, one Dash is valued at $77.32 or 0.0211 BTC. Both values are more than solid, assuming they can effectively be sustained. For now, that remains to be determined, as there is still some market uncertainty.

The social media discussions pertaining to Dash are also pretty interesting to keep an eye on. More specifically, Elicrypto is confident Dash has left the “scam” status behind it once and for all. Even though the project had its doubters on day one, it seems the past few years have proven good things can happen. The same can be said for other currencies such as Ethereum and even Bitcoin.

Future Money is convinced now is the time to effectively quit one’s day job and become a full-time Dash trader. While there is an argument to be made for such a statement, there is a good chance people actually following this advice will see their financial future disrupted in more ways than one. Although good money can be made from trading cryptocurrencies, it is not necessarily something one should quit their job over.  

For those not interesting in simply buying and holding Dash, there are a couple of interesting arbitrage opportunities for traders to take note of. There is an interesting price difference between Koinim, Cex, and Sistemkoin right now. Although the gains are not necessarily all that spectacular, they still represent a profit of roughly $0.7 per Dash per trade. For those throwing some money around, that can easily add up to a few hundred dollars worth of profit over the course of the day.

All things considered, it seems Dash is making a valiant effort to effectively maintain its position on the market cap top 15. Based on its current momentum, that rank may effectively improve a bit over the coming hours, although it would be difficult to inch ahead too much further. As such, one has to wonder how high the value can rise after this most recent 5% gain.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.