Dash N Go Offers a Cryptocurrency Merchant Solution For Everyone

Making cryptocurrency more “usable” is not an easy task by any means. While Bitcoin adoption is increasing all over the world, several alternative cryptocurrencies are seeing their fair share of success as well. Dash N Go is a new solution for retailers willing to accept Dash payments in-store.

Dash Ventures Into Mainstream Society

Spending Bitcoin at retail locations is not as common as we would like, but alternative cryptocurrencies are struggling even more to gain traction. That may change for Dash, though, thanks to the Dash N Go checkout system for retailers. Transactions are locked in a second, and it allows for instant payments when using a phone or tablet.

This project started out as a “glorified” captive web portal where users could purchase items with the Dash cryptocurrency. However, due to technological limitations in the security department, the team decided to change their focus for this project. The new direction leads to the creation of a mobile app that receives information from a web server through a mobile data or wifi connection.

Using the application is simple, as users can add items from the local shop to their cart. Users can scan the barcode found on the product, which is then matched to the existing collection of articles for that location. Checking out is as simple as sending any other Dash transaction, which can be made from the user’s pre-installed client on their phone or tablet.

The Dash N Go system allows for future customization, such as attaching a unique wallet address to every product. This would also allow for the inventory system to check the current availability of each product  . Additionally, this solution could be modified to remove the need for displays or buttons on vending machines. Instead, a list of goods could be featured in the app itself.

For the time being, Dash N Go is still in the roof-of-concept stage. Interested parties can take a closer look at it on the project website. All in all, this solution could become a quite powerful one, and it is not unlikely Bitcoin enthusiasts may modify it to support BTC transactions as well.

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