Inspired by SegWit2x, Dash Devs to Introduce Code Changes

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts know Dash as an altcoin which does its own thing. It has very few similarities with other currencies in existence today. However, it seems its developers are working on some new features that take a page out of the SegWit2x playbook. That in itself is pretty interesting, especially considering that this fork was first canceled, then still scheduled, and now no one really knows what will happen.

New Dash Features are Coming Soon

Introducing new features to the world of Dash is always a good idea. After all, cryptocurrencies are ever-evolving creatures, and new opportunities present themselves on a regular basis. It is also pretty common to take certain aspects of other currencies and introduce them into one’s own project. Bitcoin often borrows traits from various altcoins, which has worked out quite well so far. It is only natural to see altcoins do the exact same thing.

In the case of Dash, the developers have paid close attention to Bitcoin’s SegWit2x fork. Although this fork is still scheduled to take place under different management, it is unknown when it will occur. For the time being, we will see the Dash developers integrate some of this fork’s features into their own project. It’s an interesting business decision, especially given the controversy surrounding this fork. That was mainly because of the block size increase, however, rather than anything else.

One of the features which will be coming to Dash is the 2MB block size increase. That is pretty surprising, as it doesn’t appear as if the Dash network blocks are all that full right now. Then again, it’s wise to improve the block capacity to ensure that future scalability is less of an issue. Moreover, the team hopes to reduce transaction fees by a factor of 10, which is an impressive goal. Then again, implementing DIP0001 should allow for such a drastic change without a problem.

What’s more, Dash’s InstantSend feature will also see some changes, as there is a vulnerability currently in need of addressing. No real specifics have been provided regarding this fix at the time of writing. PrivateSend, another important Dash feature, will also be upgraded to let users have their mixed funds a lot faster. It is a smart decision, as no one likes to wait an extended period of time for mixed funds.

Perhaps the biggest change that most people will overlook is how there will be experiment Hierarchical Deterministic wallet support which includes BIP39 and BIP44 support. It is a welcome change to the Dash ecosystem, to say the very least. How all of this will play out, remains to be determined, though. It is evident the developers are looking for ways to scale quickly as more transactions occur on the network. While the number is limited and doesn’t warrant big blocks yet, it is good to have such a solution readily available when and if needed in the future.

Last but not least, it seems the Dash team is looking into “sporking” in the future. Turning specific network features off when a problem exists is the developers’ preferred approach. It also means there is a high degree of centralized control over Dash, mind you, but this approach may prove to be a valid one in the long run. All these interesting changes are set to be introduced very soon.