Dash Becomes More Accessible in Portugal but Will it Matter?

Getting cryptocurrencies in the hands of mainstream consumers remains an ongoing struggle. Several companies are making inroads in this regard, although their efforts might go by unnoticed for some time to come. Bitnovo is looking to push Dash adoption in Portugal, even though this currency isn’t captivating a big audience as of yet. 

Dash Vouchers Arrive in Portugal

For those unfamiliar with how Bitnovo works, the company offers an interesting and rather convenient way to obtain supported cryptocurrencies. They specialize in selling in-store gift cards which contain a fixed value of the cryptocurrency in question. For example, users can purchase 100 euro worth of Dash in the form of a redeemable voucher, which could improve the overall adoption rate of this altcoin moving forward. 

It is not the first venture for Bitnovo as far as gift cards are concerned either. The company is active in most Southern European countries, as their presence spans Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal. By adding these Dash gift cards to Portugal, local residents can obtain this altcoin through any of the over 2,000 official locations supporting them. It is a prominent development, albeit one that might not make a big impact right away. 

Dash Comes to Prepaid Debit Cards

For those users who prefer not to use gift cards and vouchers, there is also a prepaid debit card option. Over the past few years, cryptocurrency debit cards have become a lot less common due to the biggest provider losing its official Visa license. Even so, it seems Bitnovo has found a viable alternative, as their prepaid cards supported all of the available cryptocurrencies on the platform.

By actively adding Dash balances do these prepaid debit cards, the company is taking somewhat of a gamble All privacy currencies have come under heavy scrutiny around the world. While Europe is seemingly still behind the curve in this regard, it is not unlikely service providers may be forced to remove support for Dash, Monero, and other currencies. If that is indeed the case, this move could hurt Bitnovo’s business quite severely. 

A Remittance Alternative?

Bitnovo also aims to position itself as a money transfer or remittance alternative, through its gift cards, users can buy a fixed amount of money they want to send overseas. In the case of Dash, there is an option to receive the funds instantly in Venezuela, a country where this privacy-oriented cryptocurrency has made significant inroads in years prior. 

Although Venezuela is just one example, there is no reason to think similar functionality won’t come to other regions in the future. Sending money to and from European countries remains incredibly expensive, even though the average fees have been on the decline for some time now. Cryptocurrencies often remain much cheaper as far as this specific purpose is concerned. The bigger question is whether Bitnovo can make a name for itself in this nearly saturated market. 

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency or digital currency.