Darknet Avengers Forum Reopens Its Doors To The Public

Darknet marketplaces come in many different sizes and shapes. Avengers Forum is one of the more unique platforms, as it is a service to promote harm reduction. The group primarily focuses on drug trading. However, the marketplace went dark a few months ago, and most assumed it would remain offline. A new post on Reddit yesterday tells us otherwise, though.

Avengers Forum Returns On The Scene

The approach taken by the DNM Avengers is rather unique, to say the least. Their business model revolves around letting users send their drugs to a lab to receive verified results. In doing so, the DNM Avengers create a democratises drug testing ecosystem. Moreover, this would help weed out – no pun intended – drugs mixed with substances that could kill a person. These substances could include Carfentanil and Fentanyl, to name a few.

Anyone who ordered drugs from the darknet can send a small amount to Energy Control. This drug lab collaborates with various darknet marketplaces around the world. After testing the product, the original user will receive the results. The Avengers Forum is used to publish these results, giving people an indication of which vendors to trust.

While this does not solve the massive underground drug market by any means, it is perhaps the “safest” way to score drugs online. Buying these goods from anonymous people on the darknet is dangerous enough. Going through the necessary checks may end up saving lives, as not all vendors mix their products properly.

The Reddit post announcing the return of DNM Avengers states:

“We are starting by opening the forums back up, but we are not making a big push for donations right now. I still haven’t figured out what we are going to do about the wallet, but for now I have sole control of it. I have a few test codes I am giving away based on responses from the community about who and what they want tested.”

One thing people need to take into account when darknet markets reopen is whether or not law enforcement agencies may have infiltrated the platform. For now, everything about Avengers Forum looks and feels the same as before, except for a massive speed improvement. At the same time, making the darknet a “safer” place for drug purposes is never a bad thing.

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