Cybersecurity for the Post-Covid Economy

As we are hopefully seeing the light at the end of the tunnel from the pandemic with proper distancing, masks, lockdowns, and vaccines, we should turn our attention to how business will be done in the post-pandemic economy.

An often overlooked concern during these times is how to handle cybersecurity in an ever changing business setting. Many employees enjoy the freedom of working from home (WFH), however it makes for a much more fragmented and less secure strategy in trying to deal with securing a company network.

At the start of the pandemic last year, hacking and phishing attempts were observed at an increase of 37%. In March and April of 2020, over 192,000 coronavirus related cyberattacks were reported each week – a 30% increase as compared to pre-coronavirus times.

According to Gil Shwed, Founder and CEO of known cybersecurity company Check Point:
“This rapid change means hackers will find a way…The hackers can find a way to hack a personal computer of an employee and through them get into our Crown Jewels.”

COVID has taught us a number of lessons. In terms of cybersecurity,
1 – a cyberattack could spread faster than a biological virus
2 – the economic impact of a digital shutdown could be immense
3 – recovering from digital destruction could be very challenging

As they say, knowledge is power. What can we do as business owners and employees to stay empowered against the challenges ahead, you ask? Data Connectors, a notable cybersecurity community and event provider, has put together a visual resource with several suggestions on how to improve your tech, especially when it comes to cloud email security, Internet of Things (IoT), OT / IT Alignment, and cybersecurity for work from home.

How are you going to handle cybersecurity in this brave new world of work? Read on to the full infographic for more information on this:

cybersecurity for the post-COVID economy (infographic)