Cryptoping’s Strong ICO Only Has a Few More Days

There is a telegram Bot that you may have heard about called Cryptoping which helps altcoin traders and investors track bullish and bearish tendencies in various digital assets. Currently it is free to use, but it plans on becoming subscription based soon. Many have found it helpful, and others think it is downright necessary for altcoin traders. Here is an update on their project since its inception.

This has been a Hot ICO

Cryptoping has an ongoing ICO -which is soon to close-, and it has done very well considering how many ICOs are going on right now. In fact, there have been enough that the Ethereum Network is being strained by the amount of investors looking to scoop up tokens from exciting or potentially profitable projects.

The project has raised 65% percent of the initial expected funding -pegged to United States Dollars- since the beginning of the ICO. This is nothing to scoff at when you consider that this is just over 1 million in USD -at the time of writing this article-. We also have to remember that the exchange rate of XBT/USD was different at the onset of this ICO, meaning that this 65% is even more impressive still.

Users and Customers at the ready

Because of individuals investing in and buying these tokens, it means that over 25000 users are ready for the subscription based launch of the bot itself. The subscription will need to be paid in their native token -PING-, and it appears that many are ready and willing to do so for the level of information that the bot can give and has demonstrated during its free beta trials.

They are also lining up for the social sharing that this service offers. Essentially this will be like a forum or collective social area where users would be able to talk about their trades, signal their trading, and share the trades they have been making. Trade sharing is somewhat common in traditional markets, so I think that the addition of this to the cryptosphere is going to add another dimension when it comes to trading alts.

Roadmap and adoption

The project is dedicated to the roadmap it has outlined and just recently added a fourth exchange for the bot’s analysis algorithm. Continuing to add sources of altcoin trading data to the bot’s algorithms means that they can further enrich the quality of data which the bot generates.

Other large milestones on the roadmap are also being worked on and are rather exciting. The social trading platform is going to be an even more in depth version of the previously mentioned social platform. Here the user will be able to compare trades, compare yields, follow other traders, post their trades, and make individual signals to the bot. Again, the more information the bot has, the better the quality of data. This means that adding individual traders data which may be outside of the currently supported exchanges would be useful to the bot and other traders.  

If this project sounds interesting to you be sure to check them out!

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